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Swapping CMD and CTRL on a Mac keyboard


After using #! and BL in VMs and Dells and Thinkpads, I'm using BL on a MacBook now.

I wonder if someone could point me towards swapping the CTRL and CMD keys so I can use CMD-C and CMD-V to copy and paste (instead of ctrl).

Kind of like this advice, but specific to BL: … k-on-linux

Thank you guys!


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Re: Swapping CMD and CTRL on a Mac keyboard

It comes down to xmodmap incantations, that is assigning the correct keysymbol to the command key. Check this advice (the commands would need to be made persistent in the Openbox autostart script): … acbook-pro.

For debugging, type 'xev' in a terminal an focus the appearing white window. When you press the Command and Ctrl keys, after the procedure, the terminal should tell you that it registered a Control_L when pressing the Command key.

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Re: Swapping CMD and CTRL on a Mac keyboard

Thank you @twoion!  That did the trick - but I am still not satisfied. I think I'd like to explore a more holistic solution, the goal being that I would like to use CMD-c CMD-x CMD-v for copy/cut/paste. But keep the CTRL key as is for most all else.

Sorry for the vagueness - I'm trying to figure out how I can adapt to switching between macOS and BL and have some sense of continuity between the two. I normally work with two laptops and currently I've got a macbook pro running macos and an older macbook pro running BL.


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Re: Swapping CMD and CTRL on a Mac keyboard

Maybe map Control_R instead to the Super key? That leaves the left Ctrl to do all the things it usually does.

Another way might be to use xdotool. Set the "Super + C/V/X" keybinds in your rc.xml to run the xdotool simulated key commands.

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