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Helium Installation: SSD specific

Hi everyone

Well, first, Happy New Year to all the BL users!

I'm replacing an old W7 installation with the brand new Helium BL.
Now, there was a time installing debian on an SSD required attention to specific points:
SSD Optimization
particularly the "Mounting SSD filesystems" section.

I wondered whether this still stands or whether the Helium install process took care of it all i.e. recognizes SSD drive and therefore implemented all adequate settings automatically
does anyone know?


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Re: Helium Installation: SSD specific

fstrim is never automatically enabled because some SSDs (mostly older ones) have problems with it (e.g. leading to data loss). Most modern SSDs, esp. those from major vendors, should be fine. Myself, I'm using fstrim on an Intel SSD without issues. As such, you should set up the fstrim systemd timer (my recommendation, anyway) to optimize SSD health.

If in doubt, search the internet using a term like '<my SSD model> fstrim problems' or '<my SSD model> fstrim data loss'.

When using an encrypted root device and/or LVM, you need to manually enable 'discard' passthrough, but that's also said on the wiki page you linked.

In my case, I'm using fstrim passthrough with an encrypted SSD and LVM; it is not recommended to use fstrim with cryptodisks (you leak information about file system block usage that could be sniffed) but if you're a private user, it's totally fine to use fstrim even with cryptodisks as most attack vectors (stolen laptop, unauthorized use) would still be successfully mitigated.

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