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How to restrict access

Ok, I gave my daughter access to the linux computer but she isn't 100% responsible yet (7 yr old). I was wondering if I could give her a time limit or restrict hours so she won't sneak on here and watch youtube videos all night long. Also, it would be great to simply block youtube (why the unwrapping video?!). All help is appreciated, thank you.

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Re: How to restrict access

Some info to consider... … unleashed/ (especially see the section on time limits) (This app needs to be repackaged for Debian. I can't check if it will build ATM, but the general instructions are in the next link. I'll try it myself ASAP and report back)...


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Re: How to restrict access

wrobat wrote:

Also, it would be great to simply block youtube

you could edit your /etc/hosts to add a line like this:

(make sure you make a backup of the original hosts first)
that should be effective immediately.

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