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#1 2015-11-05 02:33:00

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Problem install BL in olibook

Hi! i have an error with boot bunsenlabs in USB.

Message > System operative was not found..

But I'm writing right now for bl in live mode from another notebook, I wonder may be due to the problem, because it is very strange that in a machine run and the other not.


#2 2015-11-05 06:17:33

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Re: Problem install BL in olibook

Certainly, You need to repost this in Technical Issues and Assistance.

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Re: Problem install BL in olibook

welcome to the forums, L3SZ0.
nod-a1 is right, you posted this in the wrong subforum, although we don't have a "Technical Issues and Assistance" section.
but don't worry, a mod will evtl. move it.

i am not sure what the problem is.
have you already installed bunsenlabs, or are you getting this error when trying to boot a live system from usb?

L3SZ0 wrote:

Message > System operative was not found..

is this the exact message? right now it looks like a halfway translation from maybe french?
is this the only thing you get on your screen, or is there anything before/after?

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Re: Problem install BL in olibook

/Moved to Basic Help & Support

Hello L3SZ0, welcome to BunsenLabs.

Is your machine UEFI?

That looks like a UEFI/Secure Boot message to me.

To boot and install BunsenLabs, you will have disable Secure Boot and enable "CSM" or "Legacy" mode.

BunsenLabs can be converted to UEFI & Secure Boot after you install it (see the links in my signature).

If you wish to use BunsenLabs with UEFI, I recommend installing with a Debian netinstall ISO image and johnraff's script; see here for more details:

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