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Bunselabs live-build scripts


I was looking for the live-build script you guys use to build the helium amd64 iso.
I have looked into your github repositories and I have searched the forum with no luck.
That's why I have decide to ask in the forums.
Is here a merciful soul who is so kind to post the link I am looking for?

Thanks in advance



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Re: Bunselabs live-build scripts

Hopefully the builders (@hhh and @johnraff et al) may have comments for you, but in the meantime this is my take on the topic...

The script are hosted on a private repo, and aren't intended for public consumption. It took the guys a LOT of figuring out, due to the lack of Debian documentation, and are considered personal property I think!

@corenominal kept his Crunchbang live-build scripts close to his chest as well, as do most distros it seems. Since the build scripts aren't relevant to the end-user experience, unlike the contents of the finished iso, the feeling is that they don't need to be considered opensource.

So unless there is a change of heart by the "owners" of the scripts they are likely to remain part of the Secret Sauce of BL!

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Re: Bunselabs live-build scripts

No change of heart, our builds are private. I used available online resources at the time to figure out most of live-build, mostly by working through the manual but also mailing lists and other posts, and @johnraff has improved on that since. … ex.en.html

Probably your best bet for getting help with live-build to customize a Debian ISO is on the Kali Linux forums. R. Hertzog is a Debian developer and wizard, he wrote the live-build manual, I think, and Kali is open with their build scripts... … m-kali-iso


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Re: Bunselabs live-build scripts

First of all thanks to everyone for finding the time to answer me so quickly.
I really appreciate that.

So they are keept private?
That's explain why I was not able to find them no matter I deep I have searched.

Reading your answers I realize there that you all misunderstood me..
I am not new to live-build and I have digged my way through it a long time ago.
During the years I have tried many times to release a iso made with live-build.
Some months ago I have released it complete of all the live-build scripts.
It is intended for an italian audience so docs are written in italian.
Anyway the code is understandable, the script itself is very easy.
If someone in this forums is interested to get it to improve his/her knowledge about live-build here it is the link: … ster/tree/

I was searching Bunsenlabs live-build scripts just out of curiosity, to compare techniques, to improve my code base.
It means I have to find another source to compare with mine.

Thanks everyone and keep Bunselab alive and kicking: it is an amazing accomplishment and a wonderful Debian Stable derivate.



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