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FTP: Can I get details like encoding, connection type of a connection?

Hi there everyone!

I have a server that I connect just fine to via FTP.  I have an android app, however, that is proving incapable of transferring files.  It will try to upload the file but it ends up being a zero byte file and I get an error.  This app doesn't have this issue with another of my servers.

So I thought I'd try to see if I could figure out if the issue was the encoding or passive/active settings in the app.  My Filzilla is set to autodetect these settings and work with them, so I can't just look at the Filezilla settings to use in the Android app.

Is there some way for me to use the terminal to test an FTP connection and see what settings this connection requires?  Like I would enter the credentials and get back

connection: successful
encoding: UTF 8
type: passive

?  Does anyone know of a way to get this information?

Thanks for your time!! A social site with an identity crisis.


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