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Blackscreen on boot

I am installing on an old thinkpad x61t, after installation I get a blackscreen on default boot. Ok so I followed advice and changed grub to text mode. But then I still get a blackscreen with a non-blinking cursor on the top left. I can boot to tty and then startx would work fine, but I could not get to a graphical login screen. What could be the issue?


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Re: Blackscreen on boot

Likely to be a graphics driver and/or kernel modesetting issue - I suggest you search out some kernel boot options which others have tried for that hardware.
It could be something like i915.modeset=0 needs adding to the boot parameters.

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Re: Blackscreen on boot

...or simply 'nomodeset'.
then we'd need some output from your machine, e.g.

lspci -k
journalctl -b


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