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High CPU usage in Windows 10!

Anyone who has used Windows 10 has experienced high CPU usage even when the PC has nothing open and it's doing nothing demanding?

How to reduce CPU usage? How to kill runtime broker? It's said it causes that!

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From: Edrychwch o'ch cwmpas
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Re: High CPU usage in Windows 10!

As much as here are probably knowledgeable people with lots of experience, I think better answer to those questions can be obtained on Windows-oriented forums (not to mention: the google is your friend).

Personally, I have seen few Win10, even try one, and it was constant struggle to kill included spyware (yes: spyware) and processes I have never wanted to run, especially when computer was 'idle'.

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Re: High CPU usage in Windows 10!

Windows 10 on itself does not use that much CPU or RAM (compared to Windows 7 even), so when it does, it is usually doing something that you are not aware of.

The usual step to finding the cause for high memory usage or high CPU usage would be to have a look into the task manager, switch to the detailed view and sort the tasks according to their usage. Usually one will be obviously high.
The possible problem with the runtime broker is nicely explained on the MS support pages, also with an answer to your sub question on how to kill the runtime broker (by using the task manager).
But if, as you say, your problem is high CPU load and not high RAM usage, that is probably not the cause.

Other possible causes could be the default spyware that is included in every Win 10 install, that iMBeCil mentioned (I have no experience how to remove that, as I use Linux at home and custom, clean install images for Windows at work) or antivirus programs.
Most of the times, when I experienced slow Windows in the past (Vista and before), the antivirus program was the cause.
If you really want some Windows expertise, I would advise you to ask at the Microsoft support forums. That's why they exist and they are usually somewhat helpful.


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Sun For Miles
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Re: High CPU usage in Windows 10!

I suggest you open Resource Monitor if you are looking at task manager only (could be called from within Task Manager's performance tab as well), and check disk and CPU activity in depth before continuing with troubleshooting.

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