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Screen Resolutions issues.

Is there a way to tell grub to boot the os with a  certain resolution?

I have acquired a big 200 lb, NEC P701 70 Professional Grade Large Screen.  It has a pc built into it. There is a display when installing Bunsenlabs and Debian.  I have a display up until just after grub goes to load the OS. After that I get:

  • Attention!

  • Signal frequency is out of range 

  • Please change signal timeing

  • H: 0 kHz

  • V: 0 Hz

I have tried switch to any of the TTY's but I just have the above message I have tryed using all the options in the Grub selection menu (normal, recovery, TTY) still nothing.

I have not looked into trying to SSH into the system because I am not sure if Bunsen as ssh server running by default. I believe that is enable during the "BunsenLabs Welcome" Scripts.  The other side of that is I wouldn't know what files to edit for screen resolution.  I will explore this and see what I come up with.

Luckily I decided to use a different larger hard drive then what came in it and the screen displays what resolution it is running in for a minuite or two.  I put the original drive back in and was able to get the following from it.

The screen seems to like the following resolutions:

The screen display this when Grub is on the screen.

  • Aspect: Full

  • 640x 480

  • 31.5kHz/ 60.0Hz

Got this from booting into windows.

  • Aspect: Full

  • 640x 480

  • 31.5kHz/ 60.0Hz

  • Aspect: Full

  • 800x 600

  • 37.8.5kHz/ 60.2Hz

  • Aspect: Full

  • 1024x 768

  • 48.3kHz/ 59.9Hz

  • Aspect: Full

  • 1920x 1080

  • 67.7kHz/ 60.2Hz

Thanks for any information that can be provided to get this going.

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