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Bunsenlabs perfect at 1440p, but not at 1080p.

Edit: I figured it out, guys!

I plugged the server into my 1440p monitor using the HDMI cable, so that it registered as the same output that it was using on the TV.

Then I set ARandR to 1080p. Then I reloaded conky so it was in the right place.

Then I shut down the computer and crossed my fingers and hoped like hell it would work. Plugged it into the TV, and what do you know, it worked perfectly.

I still have no clue what was causing the issue, but if anybody else has an issue with openbox or conky scaling / dpi / being really tiny, this is a fix for it.


Hey guys.

So, I thought I was finally done messing with my server/HTPC. Everything was set up, everything was working smoothly, it was great.

Then I went to plug it in under my TV.

The openbox menu is TINY - the words are literally a couple pixels tall, and totally unreadable. Conky is messed up; it's super wide, the text is as tiny as the menu, and it's 1/6th of the way in from the side of the screen.

Now, the text inside of the terminal is the right size, my tint2 bar is the right size, and the web browser is displaying just fine...

but the title bars are messed up, and ARandR menus are also so tiny as to be unreadable... but xrandr is properly showing the resolution of the TV as 1080p.

The 1440p monitor that it works correctly on is connected through displayport or DVI-D, both of which work. The TV is connected through HDMI.

I'm at my wit's end with this one, guys; I can't even figure out how to phrase this problem to look it up in google, because it's not just a scaling issue; it's only affecting parts of the UI.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

EDIT: Just tried the 1440p monitor using the HDMI cable. It works just fine. There's something in a config file somewhere that is used to being at 1440p and is causing all kinds of havoc at the lesser resolution. Anybody got any ideas?

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