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#1 2018-07-23 14:17:51

Middle Office
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Bloby (work in progress, but pretty cool already)

After scrolling over excellent (but huge) blob theme manager I'd like to write something simpler and smaller for similar purposes (but cli only), introducing bloby.

download … /bin/bloby

bloby -h # for short help

Example workflow (name is random word from dict):

bloby -s      # store config with name (under .config/bloby/name)
bloby -l      # lists stored names, or -ls for short version
bloby -a name # apply stored name and restart stuff

If you dislike the name, rename it manually

cd .config/bloby
mv oldname newname

Storage switch (-s) should store stuff defined in 'configs' array, but should also refuse to store exact directory duplicates.

To see what's defined, either

bloby -d

or open script with your favorite editor and stare at the 'configs' array.

example workflow video
example 'font comparator'

- Not sure how to implement custom restart methods properly, at this point only script internal functions are valid.
- Not sure how to implement gtk3 restart method
- flattening is nice, but may eventually lead to collisions
- implement '-s name' and check for dir name collisions done.
- added compare switch -c
- added confusing 'relativeto' option in script config (experimental and disabled by default, will probably be removed)

License: WTFPL

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#2 2018-07-23 14:35:16

That's it!
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Re: Bloby (work in progress, but pretty cool already)

I can't test ATM, but I want to acknowledge the contribution. Cheers!


#3 2018-07-24 02:00:49

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Re: Bloby (work in progress, but pretty cool already)

Nice simple alternative - thanks!

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