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Bunsenlabs stability?

I am just curious on Bunsenlabs stability.

I had test early versions before the final release, and on a single occasion, it booted to nothing.

Now with the release completed version, i have had just 5 crashes.

I count a crash as totalling freezing, and on press caps lock, the backlight to caps lock does not come on.

I feel i am complaining a little early, as for many days to weeks it has provided near faultless running.

Sorry is i am whinging

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Re: Bunsenlabs stability?

Several causes can lead to the 'crashy' behaviour you described:
1. faulty hardware (the 'dmesg' of 'journalctl' can probably say more about it); notably, bad memory or bad HDD/SSD can be responsible
2. too new hardware, i.e. drivers for your hardware may have not be in debian-stable (yet)
3. the BL image you have downloaded is faulty (did you check the integrity of the image with sha256 sum?)
4. the USB by which you installed the BL onto your computer might be faulty; or you didn't copy the BL-image successfully?
5. you installed an unusual software
6. you messed up your setup somehow (by mixing repositories, or by deleting certain system files ...)
7. Is your HDD/SSD full? (Check with 'df -h'.)

You should check step by step all of those. For example, what is your hardware? What graphics card do you have and what driver do you use?

DId you try to press Ctrl-Alt-F2 to see if teminal log-in is possible during the 'crash'?

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Re: Bunsenlabs stability?

pamir wrote:

Bunsenlabs stability

It is the expectation of the developers that BunsenLabs should offer excellent stability, both in respect of unchanging package versions and also in the sense of reliability — BL should never crash, basically, and if it does then there is something seriously wrong.

FWIW I've been running Debian stable on the family laptop for four years (with several hours of use every day) and we've never had a crash. Ever.

I would expect BunsenLabs to perform similarly.

My money is on some sort of hardware failure, try the memtest on the ISO image and give gsmartcontrol a go.

Have you added any foreign repositories? Ubuntu PPAs can wreck BL-He very easily.

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Re: Bunsenlabs stability?

I did try the memtest on the ISO image and gsmartcontrol says there is zero fault.

i will live with it till i figure it out.


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Re: Bunsenlabs stability?

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