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Multiple WordPress installations?

I'm wanting to use BunsenLabs to do web development. One question I have, though, is, what's the best way to install multiple WordPress installations, for multiple customer websites, on BunsenLabs? 

Should I use the WordPress package that's in the repos, or should I just instead download the stuff from and run those instead?

Thanx in advance,
Fred in St. Louis


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Re: Multiple WordPress installations?

Hi Fred,

using packages from the repos is generally a good idea, because that what they are made for, but web software that runs on your server and has frequent updates like Wordpress is an exception from that rule.
You would generally use the downloads from


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Re: Multiple WordPress installations?

i would think that the debian package has some mechanism in place that allows to run multiple sites/instances, but the way wordpress works my guess is that this only works to a certain extent...
anyway, you should try that first.
wordpress has a __HUGE__ knowledge base which you MUST check out, i'm sure they have something to say about debian packages also.

can you specify "multiple customer websites"?
are they to be on separate IPs and domains?
with completely distinct interface, no overlap whatsoever?
on the same physical hardware, on the same barebones bunsenlabs install?

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Re: Multiple WordPress installations?


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