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#1 2018-05-24 08:22:30

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Static ip working, but Firefox fails to connect to URL

I have set up a static IP for my ethernet and it seems to be working. I can 'ssh' and 'scp' to and from the PC using the ethernet port and host addresses set up in /etc/hosts.

But when I run firefox and click on a link, it tells me that there is no server connection. When I look at firefox --> preference --> advanced --> network --> connection --> settings, a window pops up for setting the proxy for firefox. It is set for "Use System Proxy Settings".

This default has always worked for me in the past. I have never had to change it and I'm not sure that I should be tinkering with it.

I'm guessing this is a Firefox issue, not a networking issue, but I thought I would see if anyone has any recommendations. Should I take this to the firefox forum?

Jim A.


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Re: Static ip working, but Firefox fails to connect to URL

…when you're not using DHCP, you'll have to set the DNS server manually which is necessary to resolve domain names (which I guess is what you're talking about). This should be a property in network-manager's connection properties tab. The IP of the DNS resolver is up to you; to use your ISP's resolver, all you have to do is to set the IP to your ISP-provided router or modem address. If your modem was operating in bridged mode (common for some DOCSIS deployments), you'll have to look up the DNS server IP addresses on your ISP's website (or revert to DHCP and read the IP address from /etc/resolv.conf, then switch back to static). Alternatively, you can use third-party DNS servers like (cloudflare) or Google (


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