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[DONE]Make the user-setup Display Manager agnostic?

As things are now, the first time a new user logs in via LightDM, a script /usr/lib/bunsen/configs/bl-user-setup is run, which populates the user's $HOME with the config files in /usr/share/bunsen/skel, making necessary edits at the time, and backing up any that already exist. That script also sets a flag ~/.config/bunsen/bl-setup so that even though it is run on every login, from the next login on it just exits immediately. (BTW a summary of why we don't use /etc/skel here.)

Now, that only happens with LightDM logins, so a new user who logs in on the command line and then runs 'startx', or who logs in via some different Display Manager, will not have their config files automatically imported on first login, resulting in a rather bare desktop, as reported here:
(They can run 'bl-user-setup' manually to get the config files though.)

That only users with the default BL setup will have their config files automatically imported might, or might not, be considered a bug. There is something to be said for a "minimum surprise" policy of not doing things to users out of the blue. OTOH, to extend the triggering of bl-user-setup to any new user who starts an X session might be considered a useful enhancement.

It can be done quite easily, with eg content like this in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/22bunsen-user-setup:

# run BunsenLabs user setup script
# This file is sourced by Xsession(5), not executed.

if [ -x /usr/lib/bunsen/configs/bl-user-setup ]
	echo 'Running bl-user-setup to import configuration files.' > "$HOME/.xsession-errors"

It seems to work OK. ( The session-setup-script line in  /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50_bunsen.conf would be removed. )

Can anyone think of any hidden snags to this, or prefer not to make the change?

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Re: [DONE]Make the user-setup Display Manager agnostic?

I’d like to remove the LightDM dependency. I think in addition to what you’ve mentioned, it allows people to pick their own DM, or not use one at all. (Puts on security researcher hat) I’m not a big proponent of DMs in the first place wink (takes off security researcher hat).


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Re: [DONE]Make the user-setup Display Manager agnostic?

^^ I welcome the change. It looks tidy to me.


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