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Claws Mail - GPG - Passphrase Forgotten


Is there anybody out there using Claws Mail alltogether with PGP and has managed to configure Claws Mail/PGP correctly to make it remember the passphrase for decrypting messages for a specific time span - eg. 10 mins.

It's just not feasable to enter the passphrase 2x for each and every encrypted email - once to see the message in the preview windows and a second time to open it fullscreen and/or reply ...



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Re: Claws Mail - GPG - Passphrase Forgotten

Look into configuring Claws to use gpg-agent, the job of which is to do exactly that kind of caching. If you searche forums directly or via google, you can also find some information on how to use gpg-agent on here (or alternative keyring managers like gnome-keyring).

The easiest way is probably to configure Claws to use gpg2 which makes gpg-agent mandatory.

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