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#1 2018-01-02 13:14:02

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Windows partition updated, Linux no longer has wifi

Heya everyone, happy new year!

I've got an odd one.  On my laptop, I've got both Windows 10 and Ubu installed.  I had to take some screenshots for a tutorial in Windows and when I switched over, I got caught in a 4 hour whirlwind of update.  I guess it was a biggie.  When it was finished, I did my screenshots and went back to the Ubu partition.

The problem is that now, Ubu acts as if I have no wifi capabilities.  The network manager has wifi unchecked and if I check it, nothing happens.  It just continues to show "WiFi is not enabled".  I also have a function key combo on the keyboard to enable/disable WiFi(Windows+F3) but that also fails to do anything.

I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this but would welcome any suggestions.

Thanks for your time!! A social site with an identity crisis.


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Re: Windows partition updated, Linux no longer has wifi

Make sure your wifi is not hard blocked using rfkill list first of all. If it is hard blocked, then you have a button or switch wrong on the laptop. This happened to me recently on an old Thinkpad. It took me forever to find the little switch that hard blocked the wifi. If that's not it, then we probably need to see the output of lspci next.


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Re: Windows partition updated, Linux no longer has wifi

Also. go to BIOS(?) and see if WiFi is accidentally set to off ...

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