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Google Wifi - Network Issue


I replaced my regular Wifi-Access-Points by 2 of the new Google Wifi devices.
I am pleased with their performance and coverage but there is a problem ...

BL File Manager can't see/browse my other devices on my network anymore. I guess it's a NAT thing because my former setup for the wifi was within the same ip-range but the meshed Google Wifi devices created a Wifi subnet in a different ip range.

Currently i have no plan about how to see/browse my other network devices via BL File Manager anymore. Any help is highly appreciated.


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Re: Google Wifi - Network Issue … net/823649

I think you have to set your router to forward traffic from the "external" subnet to the one thunar can "see", I don't really have much experience with this sort of thing though, sorry.

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Re: Google Wifi - Network Issue

You will either need to tunnel the two subnets together, via port forwarding in your router or rearrange everything to be on the same subnet. By design, differing subnets cannot see each other.


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Re: Google Wifi - Network Issue
it has "smarts", lol. we all know what that means, when google says it...

a "normal" router would keep your privacy intact. at least more intact.

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