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Solaris console font for Debian-based systems

In Debian, the kdb & console-data packages contain a selection of console fonts.

Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions the sun12x22.psfu.gz font is not included — this is a clone of the font used by the SunOS (which later became Solaris) operating system on Sun's legendary SPARCStations.

To use this font in Debian, download the Arch Linux package (which does include the font) from their mirrors: … /download/

Then unpack the tarball and copy the font file over:

tar xf ~/Downloads/kbd*.pkg.tar.xz
sudo cp ~/Downloads/usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/sun12x22.psfu.gz /usr/share/consolefonts

The usual method to configure the font would be to run `dpkg-reconfigure console-setup` but this doesn't seem to work for a manually added font  hmm

Instead, modify the file at /etc/default/console-setup directly and remove the existing font lines ("CODESET", "FONTFACE" & "FONTSIZE"), replacing them with this:


Finally, save the file and reset the console configuration with:


Scrot or it didn't happen:

Warning: this method is very hacky, I should package the upstream version properly but it won't compile cleanly for me (in Debian; frustratingly, it compiles fine in Arch) and I can't be bothered wading through it for a single measly psfu.gz file.

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