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Booting #! on the Surface Book?

Hi everyone... I'm in the market for a new laptop, to replace my 2003 Sony Vaio (yea it's sort of showing it's age xD) While I would have no problem running b.l in a VM like I have on my desktop... I'd prefer to install it on bare hardware... Does anyone know if it'd be possible to install B.L #! on a device like the new Surface book? How would you be able to tell if it could even boot and install B.L?  I know windows 10 is UEFI, which Microsoft has locked down with secure boot. So i'm not sure how this comes into play with actually accepting non signed software like B.L...

Anyone have an answer to this, or what to look for when looking for a new laptop that will be able to have a mobo that will not have secure boot locked on?

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Re: Booting #! on the Surface Book?

a few web searches and other linux forum searches (have you tried that great resource of nerdy knowledge, crunchbang forums?) will help you get started.

just a general comment:
mobile computing has come a looooong way since "laptop".
stop thinking about compatibility/proprietary lockdown and ask yourself what sort of device you really want.

  • what size?

  • tablet

  • big phone

  • netbook

  • "classic" laptop

  • mobile broadband or wifi/wired only?

  • real keyboard or touchscreen or both?

  • gnu/linux or android/linux (*)

you might want to have a look at my blog about this particular question.
i have tried 2 distinct devices recently.

BL quote proposals to this thread please.
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Re: Booting #! on the Surface Book?

Horizon_Brave wrote:

I know windows 10 is UEFI, which Microsoft has locked down with secure boot.

I'm pretty sure Secure Boot can be disabled, even on the Surface (it's part of the UEFI specification [1]).

It is possible to run Arch with Secure Boot enabled and boot BL/Debian using the same method (I do this [2]) but AFAIK it is not possible to boot Debian natively with Secure Boot enabled.

[1] … rata_B.pdf

EDIT: Currently, the BunsenLabs ISO image cannot be booted in UEFI mode so "CSM" or "Legacy" mode would have to be enabled from the firmware (BIOS) options and toggled to switch from Windows to BL.

The Debian netinstall ISO image will boot up and install in UEFI mode (but not with Secure Boot enabled) and johnraff's script can be used to convert that to BL:

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