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Modularized Awesome WM Configuration

This dotfiles might help beginner learn Awesome Window Manager. Let's have a look at these tutorials below.

I just want to share the knowledge. I hope you like it. Although, tiling window manager is not for everyone. It is your choice (and right), to learn, or not to learn.

What do you think ?



# Configuration Source

  Just clone this dotfiles, and it should work in your desktop.


# Screenshot

  WM: Awesome 3.5

  Statusbar: Lua Wibox
  - Top: Horizontal [Left, Mid, Right]
  - Bottom: Vertical [Constraint, Constraint]
  -.- Bottom.Top.Constraint: [Tasklist]
  -.- Bottom.Bottom.Constraint: [Horizontal [Left, Mid, Right]]

  Terminal: Termite
  Menu Icon: Paper
  Font: Tamsyn
¤ Screenshot @ DeviantArt


# Structure

  This article explain directory structure of modularized Awesome WM configuration (rc.lua)


# Preparing

  This article explain coding style approach of this modularized Awesome WM configuration (rc.lua) and the process of splitting the codes.


# Awesome WM Installation

  For those who never use Awesome. First, you need to install the Window Manager.

  It is out of topic, and you can skip this step, if you already know how to Install Awesome.

¤ Install Debian

¤ Install Arch/Manjaro

  Note that, the Awesome WM Wiki is more than enough.

If you do not have any idea what Tiling Window Manager is all about, you can watch this Aline Abler youtube cast: Introduction to Tiling Window Manager.


Thank you for reading and visiting.

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