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My BL RevoDrive Journey

Hello everyone, my first post here, so please bear with me.

I'm pretty new to Linux in general, I've spent the last year distro-hopping whenever I could, finally decided I loved the feel of #!/BL. I've had very little trouble getting started, with one exception. My main SSD is a 240GB OCZ RevoDrive 350. It's touchy, but when its good its great. Installing Windows on it is just a matter of loading the proprietary drivers during the install process.

As for Linux, OCZ's support is there, but minimal. This model is only officially supported as a boot device in Fedora, ostensibly because no other distro provides a method of adding drivers during installation. Their method of doing so is a DD image burned to a thumbdrive that runs a kickstart script to preload the drivers during the install process. I almost went for it, but in the end decided against Fedora.

They also provide .deb driver files for Ubuntu 12.04, 14.10, and 15.04. Skip past a lot of frustrated Googling, and I figured out the Ubuntu 15.04 drivers work with BL, provided mvsas is blacklisted. I loaded BL onto a second SSD, set it up thusly, and on the next reboot my RevoDrive is visible and mountable, happy times.

However, what I really wanted was to be able to install BL straight to the RevoDrive.

I managed to find this page:, which very neatly told me how to break my livecd iso. I went through all the steps within, chrooting into a mounted instance of the extracted filesystem.squashfs, installing the proprietary drivers within, updating things, resolving dependencies, etc.

A great deal of tear-diluted coffee later, I ended up with a bootable USB with my customized BL ISO on it, that included the drivers and configs needed to make BL understand what a RevoDrive was. And it worked!

Well, for a live session, anyway. And in the end that only worked because I appended "rdblacklist=mvsas modprobe.blacklist=mvsas" to the GRUB entry for the live session, which is ironically an instruction provided for setting up the Fedora drivers. Doing the same for Install/Graphical Install did not work. I also could NOT blacklist mvsas through the standard modprobe config files, apparently they're not considered when booting a live session without persistence. Or maybe they should be, but it didn't work for me.

At this point I've basically run out of steam. I'm now booting into BL on my second SSD, which is perhaps 60% as fast, with a Windows GRUB entry pointed at the RevoDrive, which works fine. Honestly I don't NEED BL to be on my system's fastest drive, BL is already plenty fast, and Windows gets the most benefit out of it because games. On the other hand, this was a hugely beneficial learning experience, and I had a great time breaking things.

I'm posting this in the hopes that some guru here will smugly tell me a much easier way of getting this to work.


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Re: My BL RevoDrive Journey

There is no easy way to do this but my recommendation would be to use the BunsenLabs system you have installed on the second drive to install a basic (CLI-only) Debian jessie system on the first drive.

It's a rather technical process but it is at least well documented: … 03.html.en

You could then boot from the troublesome drive and download and run the BL netinstall script to finish the installation:

tar xf master.tar.gz
cd bunsen-netinstall-master

See for more.

Good luck!

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