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Help installing on a Raspberry Pi3 (which meta package?)

I recently got a new Raspberry Pi3 and discovered the full version of Raspbian Jessie is broken, which is a bit of a long story, so let's just cut to the chase and say the problems are with the way the GUI was made. So my idea is to start with Raspbian-Lite (a minimal OS with no GUI) and set it up like BunsenLabs Hydrogen.

I have booted into the OS and set up my user account, added the Bunsen repositories and done an apt-get update.

So now my question is, which meta package(s) do I install to get a BL-Hydrogen-like experience? What I would prefer would be a set up like the initial boot after a normal PC install, before the welcome script.

So would that be: bunsen-meta-all, or will that install more than I'd like (and if so, which meta-packages should I install)?

Thanks for any and all help with this.

Aloha, Tim

PS: If this is the wrong place to post this, feel free to move it. I put it here because a search turned up another thread here about arm installations.

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Re: Help installing on a Raspberry Pi3 (which meta package?)

Cellular-Decay wrote:


This will install the entire BunsenLabs desktop with all components included.

I don't think all the packages have armhf versions though so you may miss some.

You can try running johnraff's netinstall script from Raspbian-Lite:

Note that these will be armhf rather than arm64 packages.

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Re: Help installing on a Raspberry Pi3 (which meta package?)

I think this is a support question rather than a development suggestion, though, so I'm moving it to "Kernel and hardware".

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