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Extra buttons on my mouse don't do anything

I have a steelseries sensei. I dont expect to tweak the LED color and all that jazz that I can do in windows with their software, but there are two extra buttons on it that are unused in linux. They're supposed to PageUp and PageDown. Is it possible for me to assign that or other bindings to it?


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Re: Extra buttons on my mouse don't do anything

Interesting that it doesn't bind the extra keys automatically – my Logitech does.

Mouse buttons in X11 are really just buttons: they produce a key event just like your keyboard does. Because of this, you can bind arbitrary actions to mouse buttons, and also remap which button issues which event.

Read this on remapping buttons. If you have an even more enormous number of buttons, check out the wiki article I link below: it can be done.

In order to bind specific functions to certain mouse buttons, first use the xev tool to see if X recognizes all your mouse buttons. Then, as you probably want to use the buttons to do general actions like 'next'/'previous'/'volume up'/'volume down'/..., you can use techniques described here to bind mouse buttons to the XF86* family of multimedia key actions.

No idea if this can be done just in Openbox though. Some window managers like dwm or i3 also allow to bind buttons to perform certain functions or generate certain click events.

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Re: Extra buttons on my mouse don't do anything

While it's true that in general buttons are just buttons and key bindings should be device-agnostic, it is likely that a new keyboard/mouse is not fully supported. For instance, I have an old Apple keyboard from Mitsumi Electric with the eject and volume keys. The FreeBSD input device driver does not recognize those keys at all.

Therefore, what you might be looking for is a mouse setup with support for additional keys. On this I concur with twoion that GNU/Linux should already provide that support. If this is really not the case for BL/Debian Stable, you might want to check out the kernel and drivers from jessie-backports smile.

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