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VNC behind the scenes

I dunno if what I want is possible, but here is what I am after.
I want to be able to remotely connect to my machine via a VNC server. This I've done and have setup, even got port forwarding and dynamicDNS setup so I can do it remotely. As you probably already know, this lets me control my desktop from another machine, and I can see my desktop on the other machine, and what I do remotely, shows up on the machine's monitors. This is cool and all, but what I'd prefer is to have it all work behind the scenes. So let's say I have my machine up and I'm logged in as MrDowntempo. I want to be able to VNC in as another session so that I have full access to my machine, just as if I were sitting there, but it wouldn't affect my current desktop. I'm willing to create a separate user just for this if needed, but then I'd have 2 home directories and ugh.. maybe not. I remote from my phone, and I'd like this separate session be setup with a resolution of my phone, not the resolution of my desktop monitors. Is this at all possible? I know in the past, VNC defaulted to something like 1024x768 regardless of what monitor resolution you are using. So I think it's gotta be sorta possible? maybe?



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