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#1 2015-10-01 14:44:29

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Conky Defaults, pt 2 (issue replicated / repeated)

I have replicated / repeated the issue which is now closed without notice of having been fixed.

Conky Defaults

A repeat of the initial report:

1.) Install BunsenLabs-hydrogen
2.) Menu > Preferences > Conky > "Reload Conkys"

Conky disappears.

3.) Menu > Preferences > Conky > "Conky Chooser"
4.) Select the first (checkbox) option, not selected (default: ~/$USER/.conkyrc)
5.) Menu > Preferences > Conky > "Reload Conkys"

Conky re-appears.


A new scenario (new VM):

1.) Install BunsenLabs-hydrogen
2.) Menu > Preferences > Conky > "Conky Chooser"

The first checkbox appears selected (contrary to step #4, above)

3.) Cancel out of this dialog (no action).

4.) Menu > Preferences > Conky > "Reload Conkys"

Conky disappears.

5.) Menu > Preferences > Conky > "Conky Chooser"

Nothing is selected.

6.) Cancel out of this dialog. Same as before, Conky does not magically re-appear.

7.) Menu > Preferences > Conky > "Conky Chooser"

8.) Select the first option (default, again).

Conky re-appears.


It's an issue that needs to be addressed.

It's a minor issue. (Not something worthy of case or controversy or talking in circles, but whose maintainers should be able to track-down and fix easily. Unless it's a matter of laziness which users have to patch themselves.)

It's still an issue worth being reported about initial install and configuration. (Simply put: Upon install, the default configuration files should be copied to the user's home directory, and referenced properly from the respective BASH scripts such that NULL or lacking defaults automatically configure such options upon any 'initial' prompt by the user where not otherwise prompted.)

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Re: Conky Defaults, pt 2 (issue replicated / repeated)

I posted the bugfix link in your previous thread here, before closing the thread.

It has been fixed, so please stop going on about it.

Re-starting a thread topic which was closed because of unpleasantness is a big NO-NO, and unlikely to endear yourself to the forum community!.

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Re: Conky Defaults, pt 2 (issue replicated / repeated)

Closing. This issue has been fixed and this new topic does not add anything of value.

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