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Re: [SOLVED]Where to download previous versions?

phuturism wrote:

But I suggest continue learning the command line, its fun and becomes more rewarding the more you learn.

I prefer the command line for most things, other than editing media. But, I've only been using linux for about a year and it typically works, so beyond installing and removing packages and swapping distros, I really haven't had much need to learn the sys admin stuff, which really isn't my thing anyway. I was quite competent under Windows, but that's because I was diagnosing and repairing broken systems all the time, whether or not it was technically my job at any given moment. Too bad more of that knowledge doesn't transfer directly over. Now, I've got all the confidence I had under Windows, as well as my typically cavalier attitude, but none of the actual specific knowledge I'd need to justify either. :-)


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