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Re: Alternative bspwm desktop for BunsenLabs?

AbsorptionOfLight wrote:

I wasn’t aware that HoaS was working on bspwm in BunsenLabs

Working hard or hardly working? ops

I'm afraid it has been the latter recently, I was somewhat distracted by the Helium release and more recently production grade 3D rendering (don't ask); my interests are always peripatetic.

DeepDayze wrote:

By just installing a metapackage then setting up a new WM such as bspwm should be a breeze with say a postinst script setting up a sensible default config to match BL.

Yes, good idea, I will look into that — a package based solution could be generalised to all Debian systems, which would be nice.

EDIT: in the meantime, the good folks over at ArchLabs have a bspwm desktop option available smile

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Re: Alternative bspwm desktop for BunsenLabs?

I read just yesterday how light bspwm is. I'm just now getting use to i3. bspwm seems even stranger, by its looks only, one coming from the GUI world.

I would be interested in users actually using bspwm; thoughts, conclusions.


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Re: Alternative bspwm desktop for BunsenLabs?

As DeepDayze has stated, it would be great if we could get bspwm as a metapackage or something that can be installed and offered pre-configured via the bl-welcome script. And no worries, HoaS! But the work you have shared with the community thus far regarding bspwm does look very promising. It would be so awesome to see it offered via bl-welcome with a default set-up that is nearly identical to BL Openbox (as far as the bar, color scheme and conky are concerned). And thanks for sharing about ArchLabs and thank you hhh for those links!


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