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A few words post

Hello,just a few words post,first of all the live ISO on the usb started in one second,one second!! Impressed!!
First of all again thanks for the great job, you all are wonderful and you know it,with the live RC you made my really old acer say "O yeah!",so I'll install it in the weekend.
Last but not least I have to apologize to damo I always use his themes wallpapers etc for my desktop and never say thanks to him so "thank you damo you have a fan here".
P.S. I hope not mistreating English too much here but I'll do it in the future.Forgive me.


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Re: A few words post

Welcome to BunsenLabs! Have fun big_smile

The servant lifted off a kind of ottoman a long peacock-blue drapery, rather of the nature of a domino, on the front of which was emblazoned a large golden sun, and which was splashed here and there with flaming stars and crescents. “You’re to be dressed as Thursday, sir,” said the valet somewhat affably.


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