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Re: Bunsenlabs is a life style..

PackRat wrote:
hhh wrote:
ohnonot wrote:

^ Time and again I am amazed how many online situations are perfectly explained by a Monty Python scene!
There can be only two reasons:

  1. The world wide web is modeled after Monty Python's work, or at least heavily influenced by it

  2. Monty Python had that sort of visionary power; like George Orwell and William Gibson, they just saw what's going to come; incl. but not limited to spam, trolling etc.

This discussion needs a separate thread! tongue

Some call me... Tim?

Spam, spam, spam, spam ....

Lol you are a funny guy smile

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Re: Bunsenlabs is a life style..

Give to COVAX! Here or here. (explanation)
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