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Technologies for a modern desktop application

I have found that most of the desktop applications I use from day to day are written in C++, a language which I know very little of, but which seems to be a vast and complex language that would take a very long time to master (The C++ Programming Language is over a thousand pages long, and I've heard many criticisms of the language, including Linus Torvalds' famous rant).

I have used Python, though I have never made a GUI in it, and I find it very productive and a joy to use while rarely having performance issues with it. A few years ago I wrote some C#, but it seems that it remains a second class citizen on GNU/Linux.

I have also written a fair amount of Java, and I find that it is quite productive despite its verbosity, and GUI support is also good. However, I know that the JVM has a long startup time that can annoy users, and software that uses Java or Python on the desktop seems to be a minority.

Electron seems to be the fastest growing GUI technology at the moment, but it means using JavaScript, which is bearable as a language but lacking in good quality libraries, and it also embeds almost an entire browser into the application.

I have written C for microcontrollers, but my experience on the desktop is limited to small functions that are called from Python. C is popular among developers of FOSS, but I have the impression that it would be very slow to develop in and not a lot of fun to debug, especially on sizable projects, and most of the time I don't need the performance it offers anyway. Besides that, C practically encourages even skilled programmers to write code with hidden vulnerabilities. I do enjoy writing C because it shows how much you can achieve with a small language, and it's helpful to step outside the world of OOP every once in a while.


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Re: Technologies for a modern desktop application


You might find this post interesting … ecide.html


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Re: Technologies for a modern desktop application

From what I see on my system, there's loads of C++, python3, rust, but also C, shell, ruby, perl, lua....

Electron is to be avoided (let's quickly push it over a cliff please) - it's a warapper around a full chromium browser which then never receives updates anymore... usually for something that can be accomplished either in a browser directly or with an already existing utility that's a fraction of the size.
It's the very definition of bloat, all facets of it.

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