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#1 2019-04-10 16:14:46

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Congrats to stevep:MX Linux 18.2 Released

Long-time forum contributer and package building guru stevep is one of the developers of MX Linux, a Debian-stable-based distribution (MX=Mepis + antiX) with a vast repo of backported packages. Congratulations, stevep, on your latest release!


#2 2019-04-11 05:58:56

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Re: Congrats to stevep:MX Linux 18.2 Released

Congrats!  Great distro.

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Re: Congrats to stevep:MX Linux 18.2 Released

Haven't tried it, but I understand the work involved. Congrats @stevep

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Re: Congrats to stevep:MX Linux 18.2 Released

BunsenLabs and MX Linux are my two favorites.

One of the great things about MX Linux that I don't think gets enough push in the reviews is that it is by far the best distro to run from a USB stick. I use it all the time and have never, ever installed it in the traditional way on an SSD or hard drive. It runs great on a USB stick, even on USB 2 ports. It's easy to create an .iso from a running system and then put that on a second USB stick, or a third, or however many you want. Then when on assignment for long stretches I can have a couple of these "systems" on USB sticks as a backup, and if every piece of gear I've got is stolen or falls off a cliff, then just one USB stick can put me right back into action very quickly.

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Re: Congrats to stevep:MX Linux 18.2 Released

Congrats on a job well done @stevep!

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