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My how things have changed :)

Hi all.
I've been a loyal Debian user for as long as I can remember smile Long ago I got hooked like many of you did on Crunchbang. I am thrilled to see the community and distro are still alive.
I have it running beautifully on an Acer Chromebook C720. Not all the function keys work but I am happy with the current state. I have no doubt I will get it all 100%.
I am looking forward to having BunsenLabs Helium to run on my Thinkpad T420 soon as well.

Glad to be here smile


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Re: My how things have changed :)

hello oh_jaimito and welcome to the forums!

oh_jaimito wrote:

I have it running beautifully on an Acer Chromebook C720.

may i ask how you installed?
is it a full install (maybe utilising mr chromebox' firmware) or some crouton stuff?

if it's a full install, may i enquire how video playback is?
esp. HEVC - if you could test the 3 x265 example videos on the left side of this page (small filesize)?

Give to COVAX! Here or here. (explanation)


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Re: My how things have changed :)

Welcome to the Lab! smile

...elevator in the Brain Hotel, broken down but just as well...
( a boring Japan blog (currently paused), idle Twitterings and GitStuff )

Introduction to the Bunsenlabs Lithium Desktop


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