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Please update the bunsen-keyring package before June 2019

This is old news since the package update has been out for a few weeks and most BL users should have installed the update by now, so this announcement just serves as a heads-up for people keeping their computer offline either permanently or most of the time:

Please make sure to execute

apt-get update && apt-get install bunsen-keyring

on your Helium and Hydrogen/Deuterium BL systems before June 2019 as our repository signing key was set to expire in June 2019. We extended the expiration period of our key for another couple of years, but all BL systems need the updated key in order to be able to verify packages from our repositories beyond June. Should you miss the deadline and your local key expires, you can just download the current bunsen-keyring package manually off our repository index page and install it manually.

If you continuously update your system, you don't need to do anything.



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