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#1 2018-07-10 20:04:51

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Hello and thank you.

Hi I'm from south east England, I just wanted to say thanks for keeping a distribution like Crunchbang going.

I am old enough never to have come across a computer while at school, and have no formal training in using them. Frustration with Windows 98 led me to try Linux, which was for me a steep learning curve. Just getting hardware working took me weeks sometimes.

Anyway, some years ago I came across Crunchbang and suddenly, I had found my ideal desktop. When that distro stopped, I ran a couple of computers with Debian and Ubuntu configured to be very similar to Crunchbang.

I have just installed Bunsen for the first time and it was very straightforward. I still like the post install script to install commonly used optional programs. It is great that communities like yours keep these projects going. It is unlikely I will be able to offer much help on this forum, but I might have to ask for help occasionally.

Thanks again!



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Re: Hello and thank you.

Hi Duncan, welcome to the community!

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