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[Important] Forums privacy policy update – please review by May 24th

On May 25th 2018, the European Union's new rules on general data protection (GDPR) come into force. As BL is hosted within the borders of the EU, and has a lot of EU users, we have expanded the forum rules with statements regarding how exactly the personal information you have provided when signing up is being used.

This is relevant because aside from posts, you have provided us with (at least) an email address and name handle which constitute personal identifyable information under GDPR. This makes it a legal obligation for us to inform you about how this information is used exactly.

Essentially, nothing has changed about how we run the forums when compared to before now – we safeguard our database and will not share it with a third party, ever.

However, we need you to review the new forum rules ASAP. You should contact us if you do not consent to the new policy, in which case we will remove your forum account. Consent is a precondition for using our forum service.

If you do not object by May 24th 2018, 21:00 UTC, we will regard this as an expression of consent.

Since this is a sensitive issue, we will send a copy of this announcement to all signed-up users by email shortly.

Thanks for bothering with this
The BL team.


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