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Need to Post

Hello All!! and Happy Holidays as it may apply.
While I have been a registered member for 2.5 years, I really had no need to post. Probably said it before on CrunchBang#! anyway ;^)

I don't have permissions it seems to post replies on News Forum. So, I combine this long overdue of Hello and Great job by all involved with BunsenLabs. I am using Hydrogen as I type. Just wanted to echo John Raff's !Drat! regarding Chromium support though it seems more a Debian decision.

I like Head On A Stick's reponse For BunsenLabs,

you can now have any browser you like, as long as it's firefox-esr.

Funny :"|)
Reminds me of the famous Henry Ford's response when ask what colors his his first Fords would be available in

Henry Ford wrote:

Paraphrased "You can have any color as long as it's black."


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Re: Need to Post

^ Yes indeed, well spotted, that was my intended reference big_smile

Welcome to the forums!

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