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Approx. 1 yr ago I decided to try #! and wanted to dual boot with Win7. Something happened and I lost my Win7 partition (a friend recently told me I probably just messed up the MBR and could have fixed it, but I didn't). Stuff happened and I didn't use my laptop for a LONG time...

Fast forward to a month ago I decided that without my AWOL Win7 cd I'd dive in and find a good linux distro and teach myself. After googling and finding #! was no more but BL was a replacement I downloaded the ISO and installed it. To my great excitement my wifi was found during install (which I was worried about) and I was up and running. Being a geek I wanted to try other distros and see what else was out there. I tried several Unbuntus, Mint, Suse, and several others that I can't remember. I settled on 1 partition with LXDE running fluxbox, and another partition running BL, but I spend 99% of my time using BL.

I'm learning more and more each day by browsing this forum and am very appreciative of all the knowledge and help others are willing to give. Hopefully once I'm edjumacated I can give back and help others.


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Re: Howdy

Nice intro, and a heart-warming story smile

Hope you enjoy the stay!

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Re: Howdy

Hello AL^ and welcome to BunsenLabs, have fun!

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Re: Howdy

Hi AL^, welcome to The Lab!

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Re: Howdy

Hi AL^, Welcome! I hope BunsenLabs fulfill your needs! Enjoy and have fun!

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