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Appearance help

Hey guys.

So after hoping around distros for a while i decided that BunsenLabs was good enough for me.

It's fast and hasn't gave me any problems but i feel like I could make it look better, I see daily screenshots of people with a cute looking desktop but all I've managed to do is change the wallpaper lol.

Could anyone give any tips?

(Also can't i upload the screensht from my pc? Do i have to upload it somewhere first?)

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Re: Appearance help

Welcome to BunsenLabs smile

Any tips? Yes, read the forums!!

Start here...Introduction to the BunsenLabs Desktop

Be Excellent to Each Other...
The Bunsenlabs Lithium Desktop » Here
FORUM RULES and posting guidelines «» Help page for forum post formatting
Artwork on DeviantArt  «» BunsenLabs on DeviantArt


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Re: Appearance help

Does your physical disability preclude you from coming to the point?


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Re: Appearance help

Well, that's a start at least! Thank you guys


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