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Photopea: Online Photo Editor

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Re: Photopea: Online Photo Editor

^This was interesting:

Photopea runs completely in your device, just like Sketch or Photoshop do. It does not upload any of your files to the internet. You can load, disconnect from the internet and keep using it completely offline. None of your files ever leaves your computer.

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Re: Photopea: Online Photo Editor

And there is also this gotchya:


Photopea allows you to log-in through a third-party service (Google, Facebook ...). Once you do it, Photopea can identify you and store your settings online (theme, language, colors, tool options). Then, settings can be synchronized across all devices, where you use Photopea.

Photopea offers two types of accounts: Free and Premium. The Free account is available to anybody for free at The Premium account lets you use Photopea without advertisement and may have other benefits.

You can see prices and manage your account through the Account Window (click the Account button at the top). Here you can order the Premium account or see, how many days of Premium you have left. Logging in is necessary for having Premium accounts. The basic option is a Premium account for a single user.

Premium account looks like it is a pay forever routine and "ads" how do they do ads if you are offline.  It has to sneak online to get them.

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