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Re: Show us your conky

ohnonot wrote:
unklar wrote:

It still doesn't change my opinion that @brndnmtthws's "introduction" of Lua into conky will eventually and finally just work like any other package. The creative initiative of the user is prevented, unless he understands and masters the script language.

I don't understand. Aren't you also using some lua scripts with your conkys?
Also, you make it sound like lua prevents you from using conky in the old way - it doesn't.
If anything, the addition of lua increases the creative potential. It's not one or the other.

I agree with Unklar here, at some point in the future people will need to know and understand LUA (it's a programming language) to use conky - OR copy an existing one to use.  The italics in Unkar's post are mine to stress the point.

Sector11 wrote:

here's what I cairo - Cairo is the capital of Egypt and in the land of the Pharaohs.  smile

Aren't y'all using conkys that include lua scripting?
I thought it was kindof compulsory for any advanced graphical stuff.
Well, maybe not; I just realised that TheoBigusGeekus does in fact not use any lua in his Accuweather conky.

Well, maybe not; I just realised that TheoBigusGeekus does in fact not use any lua in his Accuweather conky. <--- answered your own question.  Also back in the day conkyForecast did NOT use lua to get the weather script.  They were written in python though.

And today: NONE of the conkys I use run lua - NOT 1.

And in the past I have said, and I ttress it here again as it is still true:

I cannot write lua scripts at all.  I bugged mrprachy relentlessly with my nobbish LUA questions, his patience with me was well above and beyond what it should have been, but that's who he was, may he R.I.P.  Falldown, and many  others when through my million PM's of "How do I ..."  to tweak their scripts.  And as I have said before:

S11 wrote:

I cannot write a LUA script but I bend, fold and mutilate them into doing things I went - sometimes.

Conky v1.9 and earlier was just a formatted text file - it was and is NOT a computing language.  And I have heard that said since 2007 when I started with conky.

IMHO: conky does not need to be written in lua.  Look at the stuff UNDER TEXT - it is "identical" to the coding of cv1.9 except for the "pre_exec" which I do use a fair amount

pre_exec shell command
              Executes a shell command one time before conky displays anything and puts output as text.

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