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Why do so many files have permission to be executed?

This is my current head-scratcher: Tons of files (.txt, .org, .pdf, .jpg, etc) on my computer have been created with execution permission set. How come? I can see how this can be the case for files I down-load such as podcasts but why files created on my computer? I don't see a clear pattern either, like all PDFs created by LibreOffice or so. It is kind of random but the population with permission to be executed is dominating.

Why am I bothered? Well, mostly not but it does throw a spanner into the works of programs that colour-code file listings based on type of file. I am thinking of ranger and mc as examples.

Anyone with an idea for a script that finds and de-activates execution permission for all files with a prescribed name pattern?


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Re: Why do so many files have permission to be executed?

Hm, maybe a tool is going rogue. Perhaps check umask of tools like firefox?

Anyhow, very simple:

find /path/to/search -type f -executable

To these, you can add


to filter by name and many more filters. Filters are ANDed by default, though you can also use -or, ! for inversion and brackets for grouping with find's filters.


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