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Re: Concert List wrote:

Martin casting suspicion on the only list in the thread, or whatever that was. Hard for me to parse being a mild, high functioning autistic savant.
Would like to know you better, Martin.

Only thinking a handful of concerts since 1973 was little. The gems of the collection rather than the lot.


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Re: Concert List

Oh man! Nice list Al.  I like Yes also.

First concert was "For those about to rock" - ACDC in 81' or so.  Lot of people had to be carried out of there.  I was 13-14 at the time.  Didn't let that stop me:) 

I've mellowed greatly since then with a performance by Leo Kottke probably being the last live deal I've been to. (and the best. He played so hard he ripped a couple of finger tips. Was on fire.) 
In between I've seen just a handful, with Sarah Mclachlan (So sick at the time that she couldn't talk, but wow the singing). John Folgerty solo, and Bob Seger after his throat operation.
Funny enough, I don't really listen to any of these daily.  More of a Rush fan myself.  Get on the bicycle, put on Rush and boogie around the city for a while.  Great stress relief.

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Re: Concert List

hhh wrote:

keep forgetting what gaslighting is, but I'll own it.

Wait, gaslighting is manipulating facts and memories of events to convince someone that they're the insane person? No, I don't own that, I'm innocent. I made some antagonizing statements at best. If anyone is insane, it's me, not @ohnonot.


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Re: Concert List

This thread made me think about concerts... and I get sad, because I can't remember the last time I saw/heard live music and enjoyed it - not the sort of polite enjoyment with a group of people, but actual joy, like I'd have chosen to go to that concert, specifically, myself.
I used to go to a few small clubs when I was young, thanks to a good friend. These were my favourite bands and it was good.
Larger bands, larger venues also (I currently remember King Crimson, Laurie Anderson and Nina Hagen).
I saw Damo Suzuki & Jaki Liebezeit on several occasions.
Then there was this thing called "Festivals", I tried it once or twice but hated it. Me, wanting to enjoy and drink in every band - it was impossible, too much, overwhelming. What, people didn't go there for the live music primarily? I guess I was some sort of music nerd. No "festivals" for me.

I saw The Sea and Cake, it totally blew me away, but their albums are beyond boring.

I sat at at campfires and experienced great Jazz. Took part even.

I posted the Cardiacs link because that's something I remembered and rediscovered just a day before 8bit Al started this thread. I always appreciate a good live band; actually being there in person is surely better, but the band being capable to play live is more important. Sometimes - e.g. if the live mixer is incapable of adjusting to the space he's in - the live recording might even give the better experience.

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