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I am a long time Debian user and I have watched Bunsen Labs and Arch Labs for a few years now. My main interest is openbox (which I do not use on my Deb stable desktops, gnome user) and I really like the default deployment of openbox on Bunsen Lithium so far. For me SSH is essential and I can report that I had to do no particularly special configuration on Bunsen to set up my connections the way I like, typically for me, SFTP from my Bunsen VM to its Debian 10 host, and remote connections to other machines on my LAN and even looped connections passing through my host to remotes. I very much commend and appreciate the look of the Lithium desktop, one of the most well done and easy on the eyes default desktops in the Linux world, maybe the thing that has drawn me here probably more than anything else. I will continue to follow any progress here toward wayland as well. Very nice work.

A friend of the distro,
Trinidad Cruz


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Re: Hello

Thanks for the kind words smile Welcome to the Bunsengang!

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Re: Hello

Hi Trinidad, welcome to the Lab!

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Re: Hello

Welcome to the Bunsenlab trinidad. smile

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Re: Hello

Howdy Trinidad!  Welcome:)


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