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Re: FVWM and FVWM-Crystal

Colonel Panic wrote:

Here's another couple of themes from Pierre-Eric Marchandet;

I haven't yet managed to get all the graphics or window resizing buttons displaying properly in these two but, as I've said before, I really like the "fast thumbnails" facility fvwm has that shrinks windows down to small copies of themselves, and which Pierre incorporates in these themes.

Also, fvwm is the only window manager I know of apart from openbox that offers "smart" growing / maximising of windows - expanding the space they take up on the desktop but taking into account the size and position of other windows that are already there, and not just according to some pre-agreed dimensions.

Would love to try what you have if you have a way to share it, and any info that would keep me from pulling my hair out:) (Big fan of step by steps).  It all looks really interesting!

Edit * And of course, it's all there in the link as well!  roll lol.

Thank you much!

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