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#1 2021-01-15 18:23:59

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Is Covid affecting your work?

Is Covid affecting your work and how much you earn?
I just wondered because 9 months ago in the first UK lockdown I was getting
2 or 3 times the amount of work I normally get, fixing networks and computer problems,
and sorting out major tech problems for small - medium sized companies
but in this second lockdown in the UK, I am not getting so much work.
It's different this time. The directors of companies are telling me they cannot afford
to operate until the lockdown is over etc
Some have even filed bankruptcy papers due to the strain the pandemic is having on them.
I have worked with businesses so diverse. Everything from Golf Course businesses to Taxation companies
and recruitment agencies, food supply logistics companies and
music studios
but they just cannot operate in these conditions

The telephone is an antiquity - you never know who is calling, there is no image, it is an outmoded product which constantly disrupts work (Ralf Hutter (Kraftwerk)) ps: my wife knows how much I dislike being disrupted at Work - Ralf Hutter hit the nail on the head there


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Re: Is Covid affecting your work?

Yep.  Very sporadic because prices are up and security is down.  Spent $350 the other day on groceries here in the states
, and both of us remarked how little that gave us compared to a year ago.

We're okay, but we are beginning to really see the suffering around us.  The homeless population is exploding and many here have no compassion, only blame. (guess the group) roll

Where I live, if you rent you have zero protections against being booted.
Crime is rising.  Mostly stupid stuff, but it wears on the community regardless.

It's in the little things you know.  Cars stop being repaired and messed up vehicles start appearing more and more. Start seeing people with cracked screens because they can't afford a new phone. Worry on everyone's face, but not for the right reasons. (Should be plague, government, but mostly "where's mine", whatever that may be..)

Really hope things pick up for you.  With a new administration here, maybe things will improve elsewhere.  I would like to think so.


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Re: Is Covid affecting your work?

Economically, for me personally, the impact is zero.
I am even saving money because I haven't been to a restaurant or swimming pool or made a major trip for almost 10 months now.
We were on fully paid partial lockdown for a few weeks in summer and had to do some overtime after that, but now we're working normally.
Food (or any) prices have not gone up around here, or at least not that I noticed.

I feel for all you entrepreneurs, but please remember: bankruptcy is better than death. Or at least I believe that.

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Re: Is Covid affecting your work?

I have worked from home since mid-March. I have seen colleagues in the flesh only about four times since then. I have clocked in more overtime than in previous years (2018-19). I think this is in part due to working from home. I spend a lot of time hooked up to my work computer as all project meetings are done in cyberspace. That takes its toll as my 'home office' ergonomics are not so good. Yesterday I sat in meetings between 0900 and 1600 with only a short lunch break...

No daily bicycle commute but I know the neighborhood much better now as I have taken long walks after work.

Economically? Same as ohnonot I think.


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Re: Is Covid affecting your work?

It is not affecting how much I earn (apart from the company bonus that is based on some success criteria that are now impossible to meet), but it affects my daily work in internal IT support a lot.
We've got a lot more to do, colleagues that are expecting the same service times as usual and delays from nearly every outside source. There is not one big change, but a lot of small ones that accumulate over time.
Usually I like my job and my company, but under the current conditions, I see myself adapting more and more the mindset of BOFH in self defence.


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