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Hi all,

Former #! user here. It's been quite a while, but I do recognize many of the handles here from the old forums. I used to masquerade as tiresias and a_movingtarget in the debian/cb and arch venues. I took a bit of a hiatus from activity, brought a human into this world, and am back for a bit more fun. I've forgotten a bit of what little I knew, and look forward to having a cuppa with everyone again and seeing what's new and old. I hope you are all well!



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Re: cb-->hiatus-->bl

Welcome back!

You are welcome to a cuppa, but keep your hands off my cookies, and don't sit in the comfy chairs by the fire in the Member's Lounge!

Be Excellent to Each Other...
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Re: cb-->hiatus-->bl

Welcome to yet another basement, tiresias!

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