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Re: Cool Random Internet Stuff


In my experience you start with Perry Mason and Matlock then move towards Murder she Wrote and Poirot.  That’s the hard stuff.

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Re: Cool Random Internet Stuff

The new Perry Mason show was very good, but nothing like the original.

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Re: Cool Random Internet Stuff …
The RIAA complained about youtube-dl (not surprising), github took them down immediately (somewhat surprising).
I hope github will get at least a bloody nose out of this.
Meanwhile, I wonder if youtube-dl devs thought about this possibility in time and mirrored their git repos to elsewhere...
Downloads still work as usual.

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Re: Cool Random Internet Stuff

cog wrote:

... and Poirot.

Unpopular opinion. Although it may be faithful to the novels, I do not like the David Suchet portrayal of Poirot. It's way to prissy for me. I'm sure it's because I saw "Murder On The Orient Express" (1974) at a too-young age and it scarred me for life, but Albert Finney is just exceptional as Poirot, and the movie is great. … pp=desktop

Exceptional? I consider this as movie acting on the highest level, Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs and Val Kilmer in Tombstone. This is... astonishing acting. His all-star cast can't keep up in a lot of scenes. And the music is scary as hell.

I hoped this link works, it's the best of the three...

Anyway, I recommend this movie.

-edit- Astonishing isn't quite the right word. His performance is riveting.


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Re: Cool Random Internet Stuff

"Very soon, you are going to be rich."

"Yeah, and that's not gonna break my heart."

From one of the greatest westerns of all time.


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Re: Cool Random Internet Stuff … pp=desktop

Clicked on the link and YouTube told me NotYourTube!
Sometime I hate living here.

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