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I came here based on many reasons

Hi guys,

So how do i really start this, ehm well i have been using linux for 10 years now and the nine first years i had Linux Mint and wasnt really interested in Linux in general.
I just wanted to get something better and faster than Windows vista on my machine and Mint gave me that.
Remember i order the Dvd from their websites the whole way to Norway.

Anyway, the past year my interest have grown and i have been distrohopping the whole year.
Think i have been through 80% of the top 100 list on Distrowatch.

Then i started to learn more and more and wanted to jump on some WM because i felt that i didnt really need a DE.

I bumped into Bunsenlabs and have been staying here since, and that's what im gonna stay with aswell.

Reasons behind it for me is following:

* Based on Debian, thats what im used to.
* Have a fantastic look and feel
* It's the best way to "learn" a WM for a new user
* Have read abit on this forum and the people seems awesome
* It's simple, fast
* It's kinda "retro" and "nostalgia" i feel

Anyway that was all i had to say, sorry for my english btw. ( not native )

Have a nice day everyone ! smile


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Re: I came here based on many reasons

Welcome to the BunsenGang, and we hope you enjoy your stay smile

BTW your English is excellent  cool

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Re: I came here based on many reasons

Thanks dude smile

It's Linux who have learned me english! big_smile


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Re: I came here based on many reasons

Gotta tell you a little secret here talbergor, "Your English is a lot better than my Norwegian."
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