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Intro of my

Hello everyone
I'm a 66 year old guy who's been using Linux since 1999, and I love Linux. I stumbled upon this video That must be something for me. So I tried it out in VirtualBox. It's definitely going to be installed on one of my old laptops. A good job the developers have done with that distribution

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Re: Intro of my

Great to hear! Quite a few "old timers" here, so you should feel at home smile

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Re: Intro of my

Welcome to the BL Forums and make yourself at home. There's a lot of old-timers here like me (57) and I've started out with Linux back in 1994 with Slackware.

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Re: Intro of my

Greetings to Denmark! I just came back from the West coast, it was great! But nobody's wearing masks, I nearly freaked out...

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Re: Intro of my

That's a good video you linked to.  66 isn't old!

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